Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sandals 2 For 1 sale 2012

KEEP CALM IT'S  SANDALS 2 FOR 1 SALE at Blue Skies Travel!

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Current Offers for United Kingdom
*Prices are per person and include return flights from London. Jamaica prices are based on arrivals into Kingston.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Solve The Carry-On Minefield

Carry-on luggage is becoming an issue. One item, two items … what constitutes an item, size, weight… How do you solve this (increasingly) thorny issue?
Simple – always carry a cheap, simple plain white pillowcase and some string. Really! I have seen this in action – during my chauffering days, many moons ago, I took a client to Heathrow. When we arrived at the terminal, he got out and fiddled around in the boot of the car. “Problem?” I asked. “Not with you, with the airline” came the reply. “Carry on restrictions”
The client whipped out an old, clean, white pillowcase and pushed his laptop and (expensive) briefcase into the pillowcase and tied the whole lot up with twine. “Hey, Presto!” he said, “Only one carry-on”
Being flimsy, a pillowcase fits into any size measuring device, does not add to the weight and can be easily re-packed, once past all the checks.
Now, all we needed was a long pole to tie the pillowcase on to!